Graphic Design Prospectus 2023

As a full time school subject, part-time course (week day afternoons), Saturday morning personal skill development classes.

The purpose of our graphic design courses is to equip the trainee with the fundamental skills required in the exciting world of graphic design. Training is offered in Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop CS & CorelDraw programs. The only pre-requisite is that applicants are computer-literate, and students from the age of 14 years and adults may apply. 

Please note that though these are non-accredited courses (except if taken as a formal school subject grade 10 – 12), trainees will be equipped to develop their own graphic design portfolio which can be used to support their application to a higher education institution for a related field of study. Alternatively, the learner can enter the field of graphic design by starting their own business, or by using the portfolio to apply at pertinent employers. The courses are also ideal for those who like to work on their personal computers and develop materials or have an interest in photography. Trainees will be equipped with the skills necessary to create effective design layouts, and courses therefore also cover important advanced features. Practical files and comprehensive notes ensure proper revision. The lecturer has extensive experience in the graphic design field, and a printing terminology skills module is included. Students gain practical working knowledge of the core programs used in the graphic design and advertising industry. The trainee will be awarded a Hill College Graphic Design Certificate upon successful completion of course module/s. Tutoring is provided on PC systems (Windows compatible).

As a full time school subject, The Hill College is one of the only schools in the Eastern Cape which offers graphic design training in programs such as CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop. We focus on teaching the learners illustrative design, and product branding themes equip learners to design unique concepts. Design theory teaches the learners how to analyse various designs, giving them the skills required to design impressive layouts. Other modules such as corporate branding and typography equip learners to design creative logos and typographical effects.