What is a post matric?

Student Profile

A post matric is a student who has already sat matric examinations (NSC) and would like to re-do one or more subjects in order to achieve a desired pass level for further studies.

Learners are allowed to change or add a single subject to their current matric results subject to specific conditions as set by the Department of Education or examining body.

The college accepts:

  • Post matric students who want to improve their results or correct a subject choice to follow specific careers.
  • Students wishing to enter the field of graphic design and wish to build a portfolio while gaining practical experience in these fields.
  • The college ONLY accepts students who want to come to the college by their own choice and are prepared to commit themselves to giving of their personal best without comparison to other learners.

It is the Colleges’ policy to interview all learners prior to admission acceptance. Due to the small size of the classes, places are limited. Prospective students are requested to make applications timeously to avoid disappointment.

Please note, the post matric program is a full year and the enrolment contract cannot be cancelled. Students are required to attend class daily and complete all the tasks of the full-time learners.

Post-matrics students are expected to be self-disciplined, driven and able to cope with a certain level of freedom and related accountability associated with being part of the Hill Colleges UFA program.