Why it is important to consider a specialist education provider

  • Entrance requirements for universities are getting higher, not lower
  • BCom degrees require an average of 65%, excluding LO with Maths as compulsory subject (NMU currently)
  • BA degrees require an average of 61% excluding LO, Maths Literacy accepted (NMU currently)
  • Diploma studies require an average of 55 -58% excluding LO (on average @ NMU)
  • Mathematics is now required by 90% + of BCom programs

University of Stellenbosch and University of Pretoria:
Average course requires 75%+ average, excluding LO
Residence entry from 80% and above.

As a specialist education provider, the Hill College has developed a formula that has proven itself over and over again. Not only do learners achieve better results at school level, but importantly cope well at tertiary level.

The average learner improves 10 – 15% on at the Hill College. This could be the difference between acceptance or rejection into a chosen field of study or residence. Top universities now require 80%+ average (excluding LO), for automatic acceptance into their on-site residences, 75% + is generally the cut-off point due to competition for limited spaces.

# Results used latest available at time of publishing

A matric certificate is the key to a learner’s future.
The stronger the key, the more doors it can potentially open.