Post-matric Prospectus


Driven by a progressive and realistic philosophy, the Hill College continues to assist young people in creating their own opportunity by ensuring sound foundations are laid today, as it has been doing since 1963.

Philosophy: “We believe that learners are individuals who in a positive, safe and supportive environment, when treated as young adults, encouraged to take responsibility for their actions and futures, maximize their individual ability and strive for personal excellence.” 

Through the fair and consistent application of this philosophy, the Hill has established itself as a sought after education institution in the province, and is recognized as a school of excellence and top achieving school within the province.

How is this achieved? By focusing on traditional basics – Employing dedicated and experienced teachers, having small classes, engaging positively and fairly with the learners, having every subject daily creating a fixed routine, encouraging a culture of trust and accountability. Perhaps most importantly allowing learners to take off their masks (not covid-19 masks) and be themselves in an environment of mutual respect.

The Hill College boasts unashamedly at being the top specialist grade 10 – 12 school in the Province. The school focuses predominantly on academics, as with the rising competition to get accepted into leading universities, ever percent counts. The college does not offer formal sport, due quiet simply not being big enough to win, however learners are encouraged to participate in club sports, or individual sports with great success. 

What makes the Hill College a serious consideration for the last three years (grade 10, 11 & 12), and most important three years of schooling:

  • A stable, dedicated staff of specialist teachers
  • Small classes allowing for more personal attention and focus
  • Excellent matric pass track record, which is one of the highest in the Province and well above both Provincial and National averages.
  • Regular academic feedback to learners and parents (7 reports per year – allowing for personal interventions if required)
  • The general increase in results achieved by learners who apply themselves (10-15% increase on average), which can mean the different between getting into university or not, and being accepted into res etc. (an average 75%+ is required to get into leading universities residences)
  • Minimal distractions and competing noise interfering with schooling

Importantly it provides a genuine learning environment, focused on individual ability and performance with no smoke and mirrors.

If you walk down the passages of the college, you get a sense of purpose, serenity, positive energy and personal recognition rarely experienced in the modern day school environment. The students and staff are happy to be at school and teaching and learning is taking place in the classrooms. There is a clear sense of belonging and purpose amongst the whole college community.

The Hill College has come a long way since its established back in 1963, but one thing has not changed – the fact that most learners describe their Hill College days as the most successful and happiest of their school careers. As the old adage goes: “If u can dream it, u can achieve it” but at the Hill College we don’t forget that hard work & determination is required to achieve anything really worthwhile!