Privacy & Disclaimer


The Parties acknowledge their respective obligations to comply with the substantive provisions of the Protection of Personal Information Act, 4 of 2013 (hereinafter referred to as ‘POPI’) or as amended.

The personal information received shall not be further processed or disclosed without the consent of the disclosing party except for the consents already given herein.  The learner / student hereby authorises the College or any other authorised member of the College to use, review and process any personal information provided to the College in his/her application, and to use same in the manner that the College sees fit.

By enrolling the student/payer/third party signing this agreement acknowledge that they know and understand their right to privacy and to have their personal information, fingerprints and biometric data processed in accordance with the conditions for the lawful processing of their personal information, fingerprints and biometric data and hereby give their consent to the College to collect, process and distribute relevant personal information where the college is legally required, and/or obliged to do so and/or in college’s sole discretion. The learner/student also consents to the College supplying such personal information to any third party service providers to have access to their personal information and consent to college sharing same with any such party. 

The persons/applicant signing this agreement confirm and acknowledge that they are aware that the information that they have provided may be transmitted to persons, companies, subsidiaries, affiliates and third parties outside of the borders of South Africa and hereby consent in terms of section 72 of POPI to such transmission and use by the college. The college in turn undertakes to take all reasonable steps to ensure that data supplied, is stored securely, and when transmitted, is transmitted securely.

I acknowledge that my use of my hillcollege e-mail is subject to the rules and regulations of the college, and is to be used solely for academic communication. As a result, thereof I grant the college the right to access e-mails sent or received, and run filters to block / prevent / intercept any communication that may be of a derogatory or offence nature per the college filters. Such communications can be handed over to authorised legal authorities if deemed necessary by the college.



The Hill School (Pty) Ltd t/a The Hill College / Hill College Correspondence College assumes no liability for direct and/or indirect damages arising from the user’s use of The Hill College e-mail system and services. Users are solely responsible for the content they disseminate. The Hill College is not responsible for any third-party claim, demand, or damage arising out of use the Hill College’s e-mail systems or services.  

The College cannot be held responsible for any non-delivery, registration errors or omission by any learner/student of external service provider. It is clearly understood and acknowledged that the college is only providing the services of an on-line tutor via correspondence, and cannot guarantee results/academic performance of any learner/student enrolled.

I accept that College cannot be held responsible for the non-coverage of any material that is asked in any examination paper, as it is my responsibility as a learner/student to ensure all content is covered. I acknowledge that The college will focus on the core content which historically gives the highest return in results.

I acknowledge that should the College suspend my access to the learning platform and content due to non-payment, I cannot hold the College responsible, and accept access will only be restored once payment has been made full. All access will be limited to content relative to portion of total payment made. I exonerate the College from any claim or non-service, or poor performance by myself due to actions taken by the College due to non-payment, or payment arrears.  

I accept that I acknowledge to abide by the policies as set out by the College from time-to-time which will be published on the correspondence website. Further I acknowledge and commit to abiding by the policies on Google G-Suite for education, and Moodle (open source learning platform), and the acceptable usage policy of G-Suite for education and the College.