Why The Hill College?

I have been privileged to be the Principal and a Director of the Hill College since 2003, and in this time have never stopped being in awe of what this amazing school achieves. When I sit in conversations with other school principals, or watch press coverage on educational issues, I realise how all of us at the Hill College are able to embrace the real task at hand, namely opening as many doors as possible for young people’s futures. How you may ask? Quite simply, we are able to fully engage with the task of education with minimal side issues, and intrusions; concentrating on the real issue at hand – progressive education (i.e. education that moves with the times).

As a specialist education provider, the Hill College has developed a formula that has proven itself over and over again. Not only do learners achieve better results at school level, but importantly cope well at tertiary level due to the ethos of learning and accountability they have experienced at the college. The small classes, dedicated teachers, and daily subject contact, has proven to be the recipe for success for over 60 years.

The Hill College, in my experience, is one of those academic institutions which has that special quality that makes it one of life’s true treasures. If you walk down the passages of the college, you see a sense of purpose, energy and personal recognition rarely experienced in the modern day school environment. The students and staff are happy to be at school and teaching and learning is taking place in the classrooms. There is a clear sense of belonging and purpose amongst the whole college community. The learners feel safe, and part of a family and there is no window dressing – what you see is what you get.
The Hill College has come a long way since its establishment back in 1963, but one thing has not changed – the fact that most learners describe their Hill College days as the most successful and happiest of their school careers (a happy learner is a productive learner). In my opinion, enrolment at the Hill College for any child is a gift of opportunity and truly a worthwhile investment. Please explore our website and take up our invitation to visit the college, and see why I entrusted my daughters’ matriculation to the Hill College – it is a decision like any parent, which I did not take lightly.

Rodney Pettitt

PRINCIPAL – The Hill College