A core focus

Mathematics & Physical Sciences

Science LabAt the Hill College we acknowledge that mathematics and physical sciences are the two subjects in which many learners struggle. It is, generally accepted by many parents that they will be enrolling their children into private extra maths and/or science classes due to their child’s results achieved not meeting the requirements for university acceptance.

Mathematics is now also a compulsory subject for most B.Com degrees, making this subject, a must keep (as far as possible) if future study options require it.

In order for us to maximise our learner’s knowledge and subject retention the college has allocated:

  • 5.5 – 6 hours per week to each of these subjects.
  • One afternoon per week for extra help after college (no charge, as per all our subjects)
  • Class contact time daily to maximise routine and repetition (no cycles).
  • Between 12 – 20 max in a class. (grade 10 as small as 8 on occasion, avg. 12-14)

The sad truth is if a learner achieves below 50% for these two subjects, there use for university acceptance is very limited.

Our focus maximises the opportunity of our learners in retaining these subjects as far as possible, and so to maintain future study options.