Admission to the college is not automatic. Learners must apply for admission and are subject to a selection process involving an interview with the principal attended by the prospective learner and parent / guardian. The interview is followed by a campus tour to view firsthand the facilities and learning environment on offer.

Careful consideration is given to each application. Important factors that are considered include the student’s high school record, achievements, desirable traits of character and personality and the interests and goals of the applicant in relation to the programs of study offered by the college.
No pupil will be refused admission to The Hill College on grounds of race, sex, or religious beliefs.

Prospective students must bring their last academic report and any relevant supportive documents to the interview.

Attendance of an interview does not automatically imply acceptance. Once an acceptance letter has been received, the applicant’s seat is only confirmed on receipt of the necessary payment deposit.

The College reserves the right to request any additional information before a decision for admission is made. Prospective learners may be required to write an entrance test and a confidential report from the applicant’s previous school Principal may be requested. Each learner’s application is carefully considered and, in addition to his/her performance in the entrance test (if requested), his/her interests and cultural activities and the report on his general discipline are taken into consideration before he/she is accepted.

Providing false or incomplete information on the application for admission or during the interview process may result in a denial of admission or revocation of the enrolment. Should a learner’s behaviour be deemed to infringe on the culture, values, of the college, or rights of fellow learners; the college reserves to revoke the enrolment of the offending learner at the end of a term, or academic year. Such a learner will be given prior warning of such process being instituted.

Terms and conditions must be signed by parents/guardians before a learner is admitted to the college.